So last year I started my journey at Tallinn University of Technology and in one of my classes we had an opportunity to earn extra points by documenting our college experience in a public blog. I would never shy away from extra points so the decision to start blogging was straightforward. So right there and then I needed a place to store my posts. After little googling I found out that the worlds most popular CMS (Content management system) a fancy way to says blog..... is - You guessed it- WordPress! Allegedly it powers almost 30% of the world wide web. So I thought to myself that I could not go wrong. After an hour or so I had my new domain, hosting provider and a fresh instance of WordPress running in production. Boy it was easy to run a WordPress installation - it took me even less than 5 minutes which they promote on their website. I think one of the reasons why Wordpress is so successful is the fact that it is so easy to install. At this point you may be wondering how long is he going to go on about WordPress and when is he going to start talking about Ghost.

So the reason why I moved away from WordPress is actually quite random - the hosting provider raised the prices for the hosting and it would cost me 10 euros to host a simple WordPress site. So I thought to myself that maybe there are some other good alternatives to WordPress and then I found Ghost đŸ‘». Since I am now more comfortable with command line than using a shared hosting provider, I just rented a server from DigitalOcean and did all the necessary myself. Which means that know I have much higher page load, but it also means that I have to manage the updates and maintenance on the server. So in the future I might move to a different service.

Down below are two images- on the left is Ghost editor and on the right is WordPress. I really do like the minimal design on the Ghost editor. But apart from editor I think WordPress has much more to offer. On WordPress you can build an online store and much much more, Ghost is just a blogging platform.

Ghost vs WordPress

Having used my Ghost platform around a month or so I must say I really like it, but I am already thinking about going serverless and hosting all my blogposts on Github and hosting my SPA (Single page app) on Netlify, which can be done for free - for now. This way I wouldn't have to pay a single penny for hosting and save 5$ a month which isn't much but it's something â˜ș. This setup is known as JAM stack which is a new hot thing in web development. I won't go in to the JAM stack much longer in this post, but I will be definitely be posting a longer post about JAM stack any time soon. If you are interested in getting to know more about JAM stack I would highly suggest looking into JAM stack conference down below.

So is it worth moving to Ghost? I would only suggest it, if You want to test out the Ghost platform or You know that You only want to use Your site for blogging. Also there are tons of options to choose from to host your WordPress site, but I don't know that are too many options for Ghost.