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Quick overiew

This was my very first "real" front end project. I was working with digital agency called Velvet. I was working with a project manager and a designer. I got the psd files from the designer and my job was to make the design happen.


In 2018 I had the oppurtunity to help young estonian athletes with building a pro bono website, which aim was to raise money for the athletes. I was happy to help and put my front end skills on a test. The campaign went successfully and we were able to raise some 💸. I got to work with an experienced designer and was really impressed by the initial designs that were given to me -> that said ... it wasn't the easiest job to put the design in to browsers. I chose to use bootstrap framework which is mobile-first framework and should work with all the browsers, which was the main reason behind choosing this framework. The biggest hurdle for me was using the ScrollMagic framework which is used for manipulating the scrollevent. I wasn't familiar with the framework before the project so that's why it wasn't so intuitive to use. After 2 weeks or so the site was ready to go and we made it live!

What I learned?

I learned a lot. First of all working as a team is another story compared to working alone. Technology wise - I learned about BEM which is a "Block Element Modifier is a methodology" which basically helps your stylesheets to be cleaner and more easier to understand. I also used SCSS which is really similar to CSS, but has some great features built in. I also learned about JQuery and scrollMagic that are libraries that make interaction with the DOM way easier. So I learned a lot and I am happy that I took up the challenge.

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